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Does Your Child Have All Supplies Needed For A Successful School Year?

While basic school supplies, like laptops and notebooks, are essential to a successful school year so are glasses and contacts! Did you know that Optical Fashions offers over 2,000 frames and 60+ contact lens options? This means you are sure to find the perfect fit for you child to set them up for the best school year yet.

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From elementary school to college, children need great vision to be successful. Most contact lenses can be shipped within 7-10 business days. All year supply contact lens orders can be shipped directly to you for FREE! So next time your college kid calls you panicking because they are all out of contacts have no fear! Optical Fashions can ship directly to their dorm or apartment.

Looking for blue light filtering products? The NEW 1-Day Acuvue Oasys Max is the first and only contact lens with TearStable™ Tech and OptiBlue™ Light Filter, an unprecedented combination of technologies designed to help meet the demands of today. The OptiBlue Light Filter helps reduce blue-violet light by 60%, which is the highest in the industry! We also offer blue light filtering and anti-reflective lens materials to help reduce the effects of screen time.

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Cost can also be a major factor when ordering glasses or contacts. We accept many vision insurances such as VSP and EyeMed, that can help cover costs. We also offer various discounts if paying out of pocket. Stop by either office and talk with one of our opticians or receptionists for further details!

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