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Fitting Fees and Policies

Contact Lens Evaluation

If you are a contact lens wearer, you will need to be seen for a yearly contact lens evaluation in addition to your yearly comprehensive exam. At these yearly evaluations, the doctor will review your eye health to make certain that the contact lenses are providing maximum vision. Once this evaluation is completed, your prescription will be renewed which will enable you to purchase replacement contact lenses.

Insurance and Billing

Most insurance companies will cover your comprehensive eye exam; however most do not cover the contact lens evaluation fees.

The evaluation fee will be collected the day of service.

A 25% discount will be applied to contact lens evaluation fees that meet the following 3 requirements:

  1. We are not billing the contact lens evaluation fee to insurance.
  2. The routine eye exam was done at Optical Fashions.
  3. The fee is paid the day of service.

We encourage our patients to have their routine eye exam and contact lens evaluation on the same day. Contact lens evaluations performed 90 days or later from the routine eye exam will include a $29.00 refraction fee along with the contact lens evaluation fee.

90 Day Guarantee Fit

We offer a 90 day guarantee fit. If you experience problems after receiving your contact lenses, call Optical Fashions to schedule an appointment. Contact lens related visits within the first 90 days following your evaluation will have no additional charges. A fee will be charged for contact lens related visits after 90 days.

Contact Lens Fitting Fees

New Wearer:

25% Discount

Soft Sphere/Toric

Bifocal/Gas Permeable





Established Wearer:

Soft Sphere/Toric

Bifocal/Gas Permeable





Myopia Control


Contact Lens Return/Exchange Policy

  • 18 month return policy from date of purchase
  • Boxes must be in original condition
    • Unopened
    • Unmarked (indicators for left/right)
    • Undamaged
    • Unexpired
    • Lenses packaged in vials must be returned in the original vial
  • Some contact lenses are custom made and therefore not eligible for return or exchange
  • If we are not doing an exchange any payment by insurance on the returned boxes must be returned to that insurance company
  • Even exchanges will be done for identical products with different prescriptions
  • If exchanging for a different product the value of the product at the time of the purchase will be applied to the new order

Defective Products

In the unlikely event you receive a defective lens, do not throw the lens away. It may need to be returned to the manufacturer for analysis. Provided the lens manufacturer agrees that the lens is defective, a replacement will be issued at no cost. Please note that defective lenses may only be exchanged for the exact same lens and prescription.

There is no restocking or service fee when you return product.

exclusions apply.